Where to Find the Best Golf Shoes in 2023?

by Anne B. Robinson

The short answer is yes, definitely; Skechers manufacture some of the best golf shoes. In 2014 Skechers introduced themselves to the golf market, and since then they have grown in popularity and established themselves as a major brand producing golf footwear. What makes Skechers golf shoes so popular?

For most people wondering where to find the best golf shoes in 2023, the first word they would associate with Skechers is comfort. They are leading players in producing some of the comfiest footwear in all their ranges. Comfort is definitely not lacking in their golf shoes.

Perhaps the one setback Skechers have is that they are viewed as a footwear brand for older generations, and they do not appeal as much to the younger generations. However, having Brooke Henderson and Matt Fitzpatrick as brand ambassadors certainly helps in appealing to a younger audience.

For most people, if you gave them the choice of a golf shoe that looks good but isn’t comfortable or a comfortable golf shoe with undesired aesthetics, I believe most would take the latter. However, as Skechers have been growing their status in golf, their footwear styling has improved, and there is no longer a need to sacrifice aesthetics or comfort.

The question now burning on your lips is why. Why are Skechers golf shoes good? They are packed with technology that has been carefully curated in order to deliver comfortable stylish footwear options for both men and ladies.

What makes Skechers shoes good?

There are many elements to Skechers golf shoes that make them good, some of their shoes incorporate all of the technology listed below and others include just a sample of the technology. Let’s unpack the technology Skechers uses to make their shoes good.

1. Arch Fit insoles

First introduced in limited footwear options in 2021, the Arch Fit insoles are now a feature of the majority of Skechers golf shoes. The Arch Fit insoles were designed following over 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans. The shape is designed to mold to your foot, reduce shock and increase weight dispersion. If you do not wish to benefit from the Arch Fit insoles, they can be easily removed from every pair of shoes they feature in.

2. Hyperburst cushioning

This is a lightweight and highly responsive midsole material in selected models of Skechers golf footwear range. The Hyperburst cushioning is a material found in Skechers’ technical running and walking styles – it has a proven track record of benefiting wearers. By compressing spherically shaped cells into the midsole, the innovative foam is created (the Hyperburst cushioning). It is incredibly durable and resilient; it will withstand the force and wear of most regular golfers.

3. Gripflex

Most brands are looking at ways to increase traction and stability while moving away from plastic replaceable spikes; Gripflex is Skechers’ answer. This is a feature on the majority of Skechers’ spikeless golf shoes, and it offers incredible grip on varying ground. Even in wet conditions, the Gripflex sole provides respectable traction which gives you the confidence to swing naturally knowing you are stabilized.

The spikeless TPU is different from any other used in other brands’ footwear ranges. The Gripflex sole is a unique combination of multidirectional cleats and static lugs, which help provide grip on diverse surfaces and help provide traction throughout the golf swing by placing more grip where necessary.

What to consider when choosing a pair of Skechers golf shoes?

Hopefully, you now agree that Skechers golf shoes are good. Before you go purchase a pair, here is a list of considerations we think you should take on board to whittle down your options.

1. Budget

Skechers offer golf shoes at varying prices; the best thing you can do is consider a budget and be as strict as possible with this. That way you will whittle down the options, and you will still find a comfortable pair to your liking.

2. Spiked or spikeless

With Skechers golf shoes this is probably not as much of a deciding factor as it is with other brands, purely because their spikeless options offer substantial grip which will suffice the vast majority of golfers. However, if you do want spiked golf shoes, Skechers does offer amazing options which are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable – this can’t be said for every brand.

3. Waterproofing

Having a pair of waterproof golf shoes in your arsenal is, for most people, a necessity. Skechers is a great brand for offering great waterproof golf shoes. However, if you do not want a waterproof pair of golf shoes Skechers also have you covered. Why not buy one of each?

4. Fit

Skechers golf shoes are incredibly comfortable, and most people will find them to fit incredibly well. With the ability to remove the Arch Fit insoles from most shoes, most golfers will find a pair of Skechers golf shoes to their liking with regard to fit and comfort.

5. Style

Compared to other golf brands Skechers golf shoes are considerably more traditional in the modern game. There is nothing wrong with this, and their shoes appeal to a large range of clientele who appreciate golf shoes that look more like golf shoes. That being said, they do offer some shoes which do like more like sneakers.

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