Which NFL Teams are Likely to Make it to the Super Bowl?

by Anne B. Robinson

The Super Bowl is the climax to the NFL season and one of the highpoints of the sporting year in the US. Winning it means everything to the NFL teams and their fans, as it proves they are the champions of the entire league.

It has become such a fixture on the calendar and the focus of sports media attention as well as NFL betting that it is easy to forget that the Super Bowl was only launched in 1966. Before that, the winner was decided by the NFL Championship Game.

The first ever Super Bowl winners were the Green Bay Packers. It was the 1968 victory by the New York Jets that showed the AFL could compete with the NFL though and indicated the merger between them that created the Super Bowl was viable.

Since it started there have been 9 AFC winners and 11 NFC ones, proving that correct. The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls, with the performances of Tom Brady for the former making him an NFL legend.

The Super Bowl 2023

The 2023 Super Bowl saw a triumph for the AFC, as the Kansas City Chiefs overcame the Philadelphia Eagles in a very close-fought game. They were clearly the two outstanding sides in their conferences, as both ended with 14-3 records that were the best in their leagues.

It was a rollercoaster battle, with the Eagles ending the first half leading by 24-14. Fans must have felt that a second Super Bowl crown was within their grasp, only for the Chiefs to stage a mighty second-half comeback.

The game was decided by a disputed field goal from Kansas kicker Harrison Butker, but will either of these sides make it to this year’s final?

Super Bowl 2024 Contenders

Kansas City Chiefs

Last year’s winners are the favorites to retain the trophy. They will already be attracting betting interest, as people take advantage of new york sports betting apps and other promos in states where NFL betting is legal.

The Chiefs are the top tip, but it is not often that a team wins back-to-back Super Bowls. It is easy to see why they are favorites, having won the AFC West for the past seven seasons and with the best quarterback in the league, in the shape of Patrick Mahomes.

At 28 years of age, Mahomes is arguably hitting his peak years as an NFL athlete too, while Chris Jones remains a fierce defensive tackle for them. They missed out on retaining the trophy once before, but this really could be their time to do it.

Philadelphia Eagles

It is not always the case that the previous season’s Super Bowl sides are among the hot favorites again, but that is true of 2023/24. The Eagles are serious contenders to go one better than they managed last year.

They have slowly built a formidable team, adding the likes of wide receiver AJ Brown and linebacker Haason Reddick, to improve their passing, passing yards and sack stats. They have the quality to win it and were a bit unlucky last year, which accounts for their Super Bowl odds status.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are another top Super Bowl pick at sports betting sites, although some NFL observers have raised question marks about that. One argument against them is that the departure of Mike McGlinchey leaves them light in offense, with Brock Purdy not consistent enough to replace him.

Another is that they are weaker in defense minus DeMeco Ryans. Most pundits believe that San Francisco possesses a squad that can win the NFC West and challenge for the Super Bowl though.

They have won it five times previously in a glittering history, but their glory days were back in the 1980s. The last win came in 1994 and times have been lean since then, although they do have a couple of recent divisional titles.

Buffalo Bills

The last on the list of likely Super Bowl 2024 contenders are the Buffalo Bills. They are a team with quality throughout the spine: including Von Miller, Matt Milano and Stefon Diggs.

Indeed it could be argued that they have underachieved given the talent in their squad. They won the AFC East again last year, but that is more or less expected at this point.

It was another disappointing play-off performance though, culminating in divisional round elimination. Now is the time for the Bills to prove that they are worthy of their betting status by winning the biggest NFL prize of all for the first time ever.

These are the four sides that the online sports betting sites see as the most likely to reach the Super Bowl. That could change though.

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