Which Service Is Suitable For Comparing RVN Vs. ETC?

by Anne B. Robinson

Dozens of portals on the Internet offer to compare RVN Vs ETC. But, such a transaction should be trusted only by reliable and proven cryptocurrency exchangers that offer the most attractive conversion conditions.

Particular attention should be paid to the exchange rate provided by the exchange services since the transaction’s profitability largely depends on this indicator. The size of the commission is also important. For example, the multi-currency exchanger LetsExchange offers the exchange of RVN for ETC at the most favorable rate and with the collection of a minimum commission fee. Its services can be used by clicking on the link: https://letsexchange.io.

How do crypto exchanges work?

Crypto exchangers work on the same principle as traditional exchange resources. Their main difference is the mode of operation, which happens:

  • Manual – E-currency is exchanged manually. The user transfers to the web wallet of the exchanger the amount of crypto assets necessary for the exchange. After that, the specialist checks whether the transaction was successful, and he manually transfers the required amount of funds to the user’s account. The minus of exchangers with manual operation is a long time for transactions. In addition, such services do not provide services around the clock; when the operator’s working hours end, the application is considered only the next day.
  • Semi-automatic – such crypto exchangers are more convenient. The user does not need to make a transfer to the details provided by the exchanger. The application is carried out through a special form on the portal, but the operator still checks it and manually transfers the crypto assets to the client. When choosing such conversion services, you must pay attention to their work schedule.
  • Automatic – the best option of all exchange sites. It is enough for the user to pay for the application using the portal form, and the money will be credited to his account in a matter of minutes.
  • The multi-currency service for exchanging cryptocurrencies, LetsExchange, works automatically, providing instant transactions.

LetsExchange is the best cryptocurrency exchange service!

By choosing the LetsExchange platform as a digital currency exchanger, e-wallet holders can be entirely sure of getting the most significant benefit. Here it is possible not only to automatically convert the necessary cryptocurrency pair but also to make an exchange at a convenient time for you since the service works 24 hours a day.

When using the LetsExchange platform, registration is not required, significantly speeding up the transaction process. Also, there is no limit on the amount of conversion, so users can exchange crypto in any quantity and as many times as they need.

LetsExchange exchange rates are always up-to-date and profitable thanks to a unique SmartRate tool that automatically and deeply selects prices. The service allows the client to choose a fixed or floating rate. When selecting the first option, the exchange rate is fixed for 30 minutes from when it is selected, which is enough to complete the exchange transaction.

On the LetsExchange website, you can convert not only RVN to ETC but also cardano or eos or more than 200 types of coins. If necessary, users can take advantage of the technical support service, which is in touch with customers 24/7.

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