An Essay Writer’s Take on Why Students Don’t Ask for Feedback but Should

by Anne B. Robinson

Do you struggle to ask for feedback? It may appear scary, but it’s important.

Feedback improves your performance and personality. It provides detailed information about your work and behavior, enabling you to analyze yourself from a different perspective. With proper feedback, you can develop an interest in a subject and get clear guidance on solving a problem.

So, if feedback is important, why do students hate asking for it? We will explore the answer in the following sections and will also help you understand how it can help you in college and life. The last section will provide you with a 4-step process to collect constructive feedback and thrive in academics.

4 Reasons Why Students Don’t Ask for Feedback

Fear of Criticism

You have put special effort into writing an essay but got a bad grade. Now you are confused about your mistake and unsure whether you should ask your professor about it. You fear the professor may criticize your work and worsen the situation.

It’s important to understand that feedback and criticism are different things. Your professor always has good intentions for students and will be glad to help you. Best essay writers from a top essay writing service, EssayService, know the importance of constructive criticism and use it to write better assignments.

Some students worry they may waste the professor’s time asking for feedback. They don’t understand that it’s the professor’s job to help them. Besides, teachers often like it when you show interest in their subject and a desire to improve.


Students don’t ask for feedback because they may be confused about the right person to consult. They are unsure whether anyone will be willing to understand their problem and assist them in improving. If you feel similarly, here are three people you can ask for feedback:

  1. Professor: They are the only person who knows your performance better than anyone. They have years of teaching experience and can advise you on academic issues.
  2. Peers: Discussion with your peers teaches you smart strategies to study. You can also obtain pro help from an essay writer online for quality assignments.
  3. Parents: Your family members are well-experienced and have already gone through college life. They have known you since childhood and can help you with your studies and decisions about your future career.

Lack of Motivation

Students may be careless about their studies and not have the desire to improve themselves. Especially in remote learning, students find it easy to attend classes, take exams, and not worry about feedback. The best essay writers always ask for feedback to analyze their writing.

One study found that students were not interested in reading feedback even when given one. Most of them were concerned about doing the assignment and getting better grades.

This must be because they don’t understand the importance of feedback. If that is the case with you, here is how feedback can help you:

  • It enables you to reflect on your study approach;
  • It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on the weak areas;
  • It develops a sense of purpose and inspires you to improve your performance;
  • It helps you develop good relationships with teachers

Unpleasant Past Experience

Maybe students have tried asking for feedback in the past, but it was unhelpful, or they had an unpleasant experience. They may have taken the criticism overly seriously, which had a negative impact.

Hence you must understand that the professors are trying to help you. They have teaching experience and expertise on the subject, so their opinion on your work is always valuable. You can also take essay writer help to understand how to write better assignments.

Know that your present situation is not final. Any professional essay writer will tell you that you can improve your approach and try different methods to enhance your future performance.

Simple 4-Step Process to Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback can also be difficult when you don’t know the right way to do it. But you can follow the four steps below to collect meaningful feedback.

Step 1: Ask

Be respectful and ask the right questions. Here are some of them:

  • How can I improve my performance?
  • What mistakes did I commit in the assignment?
  • What advice would you give me to excel at academics?
  • Etc.

Step 2: Listen

Pay attention to what your professor is saying and take notes of the key points during the conversation. Don’t defend or argue but ask for clarification if you don’t understand something.

Step 3: Analyze

Review the conversation and notes in a peaceful environment. Analyze your learning method and identify how you could do better. The best essay writers never let any negative remark affect them but use it to motivate their performance.

Step 4: Implement

Based on your analysis, you can plan what to do and what must be avoided. Set the right goals, work on them, and reflect on your performance regularly.

Final Thoughts

Feedback is essential for effective learning. The article lists four reasons why students fear asking for feedback and why they should be comfortable with it. Best essay writers constantly seek feedback to enhance their skills and produce quality work. This also helps you develop a learning mindset and prepare for the future.

Remember, some might not give feedback without criticizing or trying to put you down. But you must not take it to heart and focus on the feedback only, with the intention of improving yourself.

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