Duke Dennis Age: How Old Is the American YouTube Sensation Who Skyrocketed to Fame with NBA 2K19 Content?

by Anne B. Robinson

YouTube gamers and Twitch streamers have one of the largest fanbases in the online community. Duke Dennis is both a gamer and a streamer, so his immense popularity doesn’t come as a surprise.

In this post, I’m shedding light on Duke Dennis’s age, childhood, career, relationships, net worth, and more.

Who Is Duke Dennis?

Duke Dennis Age

Duke Dennis, real name Dontavius Tony Dennis, is a social media celebrity who gained fame as a gaming content creator on YouTube. He’s also known as Deeblock Duke, AMP Duke, and Durag Duke.

He has millions of followers across his YouTube channels and Twitch, Instagram, X, and TikTok accounts.

Duke Dennis is of American nationality and African-American ethnicity.

How Old Is Duke Dennis?

Many fans wonder about Duke DDennis’sage as he achieved fame and success at a seemingly young age.

You’re not wrong to think that Duke is 30 years old as of 2024 and even uploaded a video celebrating his birthday.

Yes, that means he was born in 1994, particularly on the 26th of February. This makes his zodiac sign a Pisces.

How Was Duke DDennis’sEarly Life?

Duke Dennis Age

Dontavius Tony Dennis was born in the town of Georgia in Alabama in the US.

Despite his internet fame, the YouTuber managed to keep his childhood and educational background under the radar. He has yet to reveal any information about his parents and their work.

Does Duke Dennis Have siblings?

Duke Dennis shared that he has two siblings, both men.

One of his brothers is called Darius Dennis, and the other brother’s name is still unknown. Duke seems to have a very close relationship with Darius, as the latter often appears with Duke on videos and various social media content.

How Did Duke DDennis’sCareer Develop?

Duke Dennis Age

Duke DDennis’s online career started in 2013 when he launched his YouTube channel, Duke Dennis Gaming.

For about three years, the content was viewed by a few thousand people. When he began posting about his playing NBA 2K17, he attracted a lot of attention and even went viral in 2017 thanks to the video titled ” est Jumpshot in NBA 2K17.”

From there, his fan base grew steadily. He reached the 100,000 mark in 2018 and broke the 1 million mark in 2019. Currently, this channel boasts 1.95 million subscribers.

DDuke’s success soared higher with the launch of the popular collaborative channel AMD (Any Means Possible) in 2020 alongside Chrisnxtdoor, Kai Cenat, Agent 00, Fanum, and Davis. It has 5.48 million subscribers at the moment.

Also in 2020, Duke started the Duke Dennis YouTube channel, where he posts life updates and vlogs. It gained 2.57 million subscribers to date.

In 2021, Duke launched a fourth YouTube channel named Duke Dennis Live to host his live reaction videos. As of the time of writing, this channel has 974K subscribers.

HHe’salso a widely established streamer on Twitch with 2.1 million followers. He also has 3.98 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million followers on TikTok, and 606K subscribers on X.

Is Duke Dennis in a Relationship?

Duke Dennis Age

Despite rumors linking him to Kaliya Ashley Rose (Kali), Duke didn’t look at the relationship or share any information about being in a relationship.

How Many Children Does Duke Dennis Have?

Reports suggest he has six children, who are kept away from the public eye. Despite ongoing rumors, Duke Dennis has not publicly addressed these claims.

What is Duke Dennis’s net worth?

Duke’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $5 million, largely thanks to his successful YouTube gaming career.

Beyond gaming, he benefits from endorsements with various fashion brands and has launched his clothing line through his official website.

Image sources: Instagram

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